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MolassesRajburi Sugar Co., Ltd.

Rajburi Sugar Co., Ltd. :: Molasses

Rajburi Sugar Co., Ltd. :: Molasses

Rajburi Sugar Co., Ltd. :: Molasses

We wish to inform our customers that our molasses are currently fully booked for the rest of 2005. Please check this webpage for updates on the availability of our molasses.

All our molasses shipment has a minimum guarantee of
50% total sugar as invert (TSAI) and are without fermentation and bad odor. Their minimum orders, transport and shipment detail vary according to domestic and international markets.

As with our Bee Brand products, buyers are ensured quality molasses, on-time delivery and a total peace of mind. For enquiries regarding molasses, please fill in the Sales / Purchase Enquiries Form.

>> Link to Sales / Purchase Enquiries Form

Rajburi Sugar Co., Ltd. :: Molasses

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