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Environmental PoliciesRajburi Sugar Co., Ltd.

Rajburi Sugar Co., Ltd.Environmental PoliciesRajburi Sugar Co., Ltd.Environmental PoliciesRajburi Sugar Co., Ltd.Environmental PoliciesRajburi Sugar Co., Ltd.

Environmental Policies

One of Rajburi Sugar's policies is to conduct our businesses while caring for the environment and the local community. We care for the surrounding areas, safety and quality of life of our neighbors. We strictly operate under the following policies:

1. We will follow the law and regulations in all areas including environmental laws both in Thailand and in international agreements where Thailand is represented.
2. We will prevent and control the amount of dust, fumes and sewage such that they shall not exceed the standards given by the civil authority.
3. We will handle all of our production wastes and by-products safely and according to the law.
4. We will preserve resources and energy by encouraging their most efficient usage. Our facility will be continuously improved, well looked after and well maintained to achieve the highest efficiency possible.
5. We will fully support the development and improvement in the areas of environmental issues continuously, actively and seriously. This policy shall be understood by all our staff and management and is open to the public.

As part of the local community, we take our environmental policies very seriously. This commitment is shown once again when we were among the first 5 mills in Thailand to be awarded the environmental certificate "ISO14001:2004".

We also highly encourage our cane farmers to supply us with fresh green canes rather than burned canes. As a result, we have one of the highest fresh sugar canes processed rates in the country for many years. During the 2001/2002 milling season, out of 46 sugar mills, we won the runner-up prize in the proportion of fresh canes processed in the country.


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