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Bee Brand Sugar ProductsRajburi Sugar Co., Ltd.

We wish to inform our customers that our sugar are currently fully booked for the foreseeable future. Please check here for latest updates on the availability of Bee Brand Sugar.

At Rajburi Sugar, we strive to manufacture the best quality products through the most efficient systems and environmentally friendly methods. This motivation has helped us achieved some of the most recognized standards in the industry including Thailand's Brand, TIS 56-2533, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:1996, HALAL and HACCP. However, we will not stop here, but we will continue to improve our products and ourselves as we aim to be recognized and officially certified for higher and higher standards.

That is why our "Bee Brand" is widely recognized both domestically and aboard. When ordering sugar from us, buyers are ensured the highest quality sugar, on-time delivery and a total peace of mind. For more information regarding sales and sugar enquiries, please go to Sales / Purchase Enquiries or General Enquiries.

                            Bee Brand Sugar Specifications
                                 Updated: 䢵 ͡.56-2552 ФسҾԹ ѨѺع (ҧ)

  Crystal White Sugar Refined Sugar
Crystal White Sugar
Refined Sugar
White Crystal Free of Foreign Particle
Contaminants and Residues
Lead (Pb)
Max 0.5ppm
Copper (Cu)
Max 0.5ppm
Sulphur Dioxide
Max 3.0ppm
Arsenic (As)
Max 0.1ppm
Physical Chemical Standard
Color (ICUMSA Units)
70 - 100 (Min 70)
35 - 40 (Max 45)
99.97 (Min 99.8)
99.98 (Min 99.8)
Moisture (%)
0.02 (Max 0.08)
0.015 (Max 0.04)
Ash (%)
0.015 (Max 0.1)
0.012 (Max 0.04)
Invert Sugar (%)
0.016 (Max 0.1)
0.015 (Max 0.04)
Specific Rotation
= + 66.2 - + 66.7
= + 66.2 - + 66.7
Sediment (ppm)
Max 50
Max 30
pH (10% Solution)
5.50 - 6.90
5.50 - 6.90
Purity (%)
Clear Solution Free of Fiber and Other Impurities
Average Particle Size (mm)
0.70 - 0.99
0.70 - 0.99
Particle Size % Through Mesh #20
Max 50%
Max 50%
Particle Size % Through Mesh #40
Max 2%
Max 2%
Microbiological Standard
Aerobic Plate Count
Max 1 CFU/g
Max 1 CFU/g
Max 1 CFU/g
Max 1 CFU/g
Negative / 1,500g
Negative / 1,500g
Max 1 CFU/g
Max 1 CFU/g
Max 1 CFU/g
Max 1 CFU/g
E Coli
Not Detected
Not Detected
Staphylococcus Aurous
Not Detected
Not Detected
In new Polylined Polypropylene bags of about 50kilograms net each
Minimum order
500 Metric Tons

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Crystal White Sugar is high purity sucrose. Our crystal white sugar grains are dry with white to clear color. Manufactured from sugar canes, crystal white sugar is suitable for direct consumption and for use as foods and beverages ingredient.

Refined Sugar is very high purity sucrose. Its content is purer, and its grains are dryer and clearer than crystal white sugar. Manufactured from sugar canes, refined sugar is suitable for both direct consumption and for use as foods and beverages ingredient.

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