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News at Rajburi Sugar

  Wastewater Treatment Project to apply for a CDM Project Status

12th February 2007 - After months of studies, Rajburi Sugar Co., Ltd. and Rajburi Ethanol Co., Ltd. have come to an agreement with ENVIMA (Thailand) Co., Ltd. to act as our consultant for applying for CDM Project Status for the company's planned new wastewater treatment facility using an UASB system. After over 30 years of the open pond system for our wastewater treatment facility, we are very excited to apply for CDM project status to fund our planned UASB system for our water treatment. This marks another era for our company focusing on environmentally friendly business operations following our electricity generation using bagasse and our ISO 14001:2004 Certification. We are very excited about this new opportunity and look forward to working with ENVIMA and UNFCCC to make this environmentally friendly wastewater treatment project a reality.

  Study to Upgrade Wastewater Treatment Facility

18th September 2006 - Rajburi Sugar Co., Ltd. and her sister company, Rajburi Ethanol Co., Ltd., are currently studying the possibility of upgrading our water treatment facility. The current wastewater treatment facility is a 30 years old open-pond facility. One of the possibilities being considered is to build a UASB system to replace the current facility, which will help to capture methane that would otherwise enter the atmosphere. Because of the investment involved with such an upgrade, Rajburi is studying the details and talking to consultants about the chances to apply for a CDM status for this project as to get the support needed to make this project a reality.

   Outstanding Sugar Mill Award

On 9th August 2006, Rajburi Sugar Co., Ltd. represented by Khun Tritip Arunanondchai was awarded the Runner-up Prize for Outstanding Sugar Mill of 2006. The Deputy Prime Minister and Industry Minister HE Suriya Juangroongruangkit presented the awards at Siam City Hotel to the winners to mark another anniversary of the inception of the Office of the Cane and Sugar Board. The award recognizes Rajburi Sugar for our commitment to quality, efficiency and management practices of the company.

  Ethanol Project

Rajburi Sugarís sister company, Rajburi Ethanol signed the contract in March 2006 for the turn-key project of an ethanol plant with Patkol PLC. The plant will be designed by Katzen International Inc. of USA and is designed to produce high-quality motor-fuel grade ethanol at a capacity of 150,000 liters per day. The construction phrase has already begun and the plant is expected to be commissioned in October 2007. This project is to follow the Thai Governmentís policy to supply renewable energy to the nation so that green energy is used and that the country will be less reliant on foreign import oil in the future.

  Outstanding Volunteer Social Worker of 2003

On 10th February 2004, Rajburi Sugarís CEO, Mrs. Araya Arunanondchai was recognized by the Professor Pakorn Angsusingha Foundation as the Outstanding Social Worker of 2003 at an official award ceremony held at the Prince Palace Hotel, Bangkok.

Mrs. Araya was selected among a list of nominees for the award and was recognized for her contribution to the Foundation of the Welfare of the Cripple under the Royal Patronage of her Royal Highness Princess Mother over the past 30 years. Currently she has been serving as the Chairwoman of the Srisangwan School for Handicap Children for over 7 years.

  Outstanding Business Woman of 2004

In order to honor Her Majesty, Queen Sirikit of Thailand, on the auspicious occasion of her 6 cycle birthday anniversary in 2004, the Committee of Business Women of the Thai Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with the Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Thailand held the Second Gala Dinner in Commemoration of Her Majesty the Queen on 14th August 2004 at the Inter Continental, Bangkok. During the official ceremony, Rajburi Sugarís CEO, Mrs. Araya Arunanondchai, was recognized by the Committee of Business Women of the Thai Chamber of Commerce as the Outstanding Business Woman of 2004 and was presented with the Award by Dr. Art Taolanonda.

Over the past 20 years, Mrs. Araya has passed on her philosophy of business operations and management to many of her employees at Rajburi Sugar Co., Ltd. as well as in many other companies, charities and universities. Her major focus areas include responsibility to all partiesí concerned, good governance, product quality, customersí satisfaction, organizationís efficiency & effectiveness and continuous improvement, to name a few.


  RSC Management Seminar in Cha-Am

After a short break at the close of the 2002/2004 milling season, the management of Rajburi Sugar gathered at Methavalai Hotel in Cha-Am, a popular beach resort city south of Bangkok for a 2-day seminar. Among the speakers were the Chairman and the Chairman of the Executive Board. Company's visions and goals were outlined and the management would like to thank the Chairman of the Executive Board for the 18 disciplines for being an effective manager.

Reviews of operations during the 2002/2004 season and many discussions were also conducted. At the close, the Chairman of the Executive Board thanked everyone for their efforts during the past milling season. The Seminar ended in style with a dinner celebration and gatherings afterwards.

RSC Management Seminar in Cha-AmRSC Management Seminar in Cha-AmRSC Management Seminar in Cha-Am

RSC Management Seminar in Cha-AmRSC Management Seminar in Cha-AmRSC Management Seminar in Cha-AmRSC Management Seminar in Cha-AmRSC Management Seminar in Cha-AmRSC Management Seminar in Cha-Am

  Sugar Industry Awards at the Ministry of Industry

At the Ministry of Industry during the morning of 2nd May 2004, a large crowd gathered for the sugar industry 2001/2002 milling season awards ceremony. RSC Assistant Managing Director, Khun Tritip Arunanondchai, represented RSC in receiving the First Prize for the highest sugar yield per ton of sugar canes in Central Thailand from the Industry Minister, Mr. Somsak Thepsuthin. This was followed by Khun Vithet Yamprayoon, our General Manager, who represented RSC in receiving the first runner-up prize for the least amount of burned sugar canes harvested in the nation from the Industry Minister. Many congratulations to all of RSC staff for their efforts during the 2001/2002 season!

  RSC selected for Thailand Productivity Institute Competitiveness Study

Rajburi Sugar was selected as one of the 6 leading sugar manufacturers in the country to join the sugar competitiveness project conducted by Thailand Productivity Institute (TPI). The project originated from the Office of Cane and Sugar Board's policy to conduct a pilot study to increase the competitiveness of the sugar industry in Thailand and TPI was selected as the industry consultant. RSC is proud to play a crucial role in the sugar industry in Thailand and look to give TPI our full cooperation in this important project, which is scheduled to be complete at the end of the 2004/2004 milling season.


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