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Quality CanesRajburi Sugar Co., Ltd.


Rajburi Sugar (RSC) realizes that in order to provide best quality products, we need to have reliable supply of high quality raw materials. This became one of our main policies as the company embarks on our unique educational program to promote higher sugar canes yields and higher CCS.

Together with Supanburi Agricultural Research Center, Zone 1 Cane and Sugar Industrial Promotion Center and Kasetsart University, Kampangsant Campus, RSC started a program to educate all of our cane farmers under the "Financially Secured Cane Farmers Project." Focus areas include systematic farming and harvesting planning, increasing the use of technology and machinery to replace labor, and the use of green manure and/or organic fertilizers instead of chemical fertilizers for better soil and environment. Started in 1997, this project was to take 5 years and cover all of our cane farmers.

Timeline Description


The 5th to 8th groups of cane farmers, totaled 178 cane farmers, joined the program.


The 3rd and 4th groups of cane farmers, totaled 72 cane farmers, joined the program.


The 2nd group of cane farmers, totaled 35 cane farmers, joined the program.


The 1st group of cane farmers, totaled 29 cane farmers, joined the program.

Currently we are in the process of implementing the next stage of our education program. This project, named "Cane Farmers as Businessmen Project", aims to educate our farmers the business skills necessary for good management practices and ensure long-term profitability in their farms. Focus areas include management planning, budget planning and basic accounting practices.

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