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OverviewRajburi Sugar Co., Ltd.

ajburi Sugar Co., Ltd. has manufactured raw sugar, white sugar and refined sugar for local distribution and export under the brand name "Bee" since 1985. At present, the company's production capacity is 14,000 tons of sugar canes per day.

Since it was first established, Rajburi Sugar Co., Ltd. has never stopped developing all aspects of its business including human resources, production technology and product quality. The company's
presence has also benefited sugarcane farmers, the local community and the surrounding environment.
Rajburi Sugar Co., Ltd.Rajburi Sugar Co., Ltd.Rajburi Sugar Co., Ltd.

Crystal White Sugar Crystal White Sugar is high purity sucrose. Our crystal white sugar grains are dry with white to clear ... more detail
Refined Sugar Refined Sugar is very high purity sucrose. Its content is purer, and its grains are dryer and clearer than ... more detail
Molasses All our molasses shipment has a minimum guarantee of 50% total sugar as invert (TSAI) and are without ... more detail
Message from the Chairman Message from our CEO
The company has been managed under a clear policy to ... more detail
Philosophy, Mision and Vision Philosophy, Mision and Vision
The company's philosophy is to produce international ... more detail
Awards, Recognitions & Milestones Awards, Recognitions & Milestones Received the First Prize for the highest sugar yield per ton ... more detail
Wastewater Treatment Project to apply for a CDM Project Status
12th February 2007 ... more detail
Ethanol Project Study to Upgrade Wastewater Treatment Facility
18th September 2006 ... more detail
Outstanding Sugar Mill Award Outstanding Sugar Mill Award
On 9th August 2006, Rajburi Sugar Co., Ltd. and ... more detail
Addresses / Maps of Rajburi Sugar Co., Ltd. Addresses / Maps of Rajburi Sugar Co., Ltd. head office in Bangkok, Thailand and our factory ... more detail
Sales / Purchase Enquiries Sales / Purchase Enquiries for sugar and molasses enquiries and quotes ...
more detail
General Enquiries General Enquiries for other enquiries to Rajburi Sugar ... more detail

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