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Sugar Canes DepartmentRajburi Sugar Co., Ltd.

Rajburi Sugar Co., Ltd. :: Sugar Canes Department

Rajburi Sugar Co., Ltd. :: Sugar Canes Department

Rajburi Sugar Co., Ltd. :: Sugar Canes Department

Sugar Canes Department

In order to accommodate our cane farmers better as well as ensuring quality supply of sugar canes, Rajburi Sugar has assigned one department named
"Sugar Canes Department" to specifically look after our supply of canes. The Sugar Canes Department has 2 main roles:

1. To ensure the quality of our sugar canes. The purpose is to achieve a high degree of polarization in our sugar while eliminating unwanted substances such as fertilizers and control harvesting methods so that we will continue to receive as much fresh canes as possible. We aim to eliminate burned sugar canes coming to our factory from our farmers altogether in the hope that we can do our part to help and conserve our environment.

2. To educate our cane farmers. To ensure that our farmers continue to supply RSC with a stable supply of quality canes, and to ensure their profitability in the long term, the RSC management is devoted to improve the cane farmers' knowledge and skills. We hold lectures and conferences to educate our farmers on how to look after their canes, increase yields, increase CCS and cut costs, while looking after the environment and ensuring a good return on investment from the fields.

Projects to Assist Our Cane Farmers

The Sugar Canes Department at Rajburi Sugar currently has the following projects to assist our cane farmers:

1. Quality Canes Education Project
2. Irrigation Projects
3. Agricultural Machineries

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